Apple Faceshield

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“Our first shipment was delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in the Santa Clara Valley this past week, and the feedback from doctors was very positive,” Cook says. “These pack flat, one hundred per box. Each shield is assembled in less than two minutes and is fully adjustable. We’re sourcing materials and manufacturing in the US and China.”

Apple plans to ship more than one million shields by the end of this week and a further million each week after that. So far the company has been working to distribute them across the US, but plans to expand elsewhere soon. “Our focus is on unique ways Apple can help, meeting essential needs of caregivers urgently and at a scale the circumstances require,” Cook says.

gowld | 2 months ago

The Czech 3D Printer company Prusa has been on it for a while: and they have been open-sourcing the design. You can print it on a 3D printer.

Based on that design (and others) makers in Germany have started organizing, so that people can either request shields or supply shields. Organized on Slack and into local distribution hubs. We hace started sharing supplies and even got discounts from filament vendors:

Edit: Just wanted to share something related and not downplay Apple with this comment. Would love if they'd opensource their designs ;)

leipert | 2 months ago

Where they describe how to sterilize it: DO NOT mix those chemicals together (e.g., bleach + rubbing alcohol = chloroform).

762236 | 2 months ago

Pet peeve, that may not just be me idly nitpicking, since this is presumably going to be used in a health care or healthcare-adjacent context where clear communication matters:

Sterilization and disinfection are NOT the same thing. The products they suggest using for "sterilization" are disinfecting agents. They will kill most, but not all, microbes. Sterilization implies that you've eliminated everything, and requires much more intense methods.

For example: 3% hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant. The most similar sterilant that I'm aware of is hydrogen peroxide gas plasma.

mumblemumble | 2 months ago

It’s interesting that this doesn’t include a top cover to prevent particulates from coming down from above the shield.

We are working with several major hospital groups and that is something they have asked for specifically. Actually they have requested we make modifications to the various open source designs to accommodate that.

The hospitals we are working with wouldn’t accept this design.

This is also why the NIH approved design incorporated a top cover:

This was at great expense to efficiency of printing, but it was something that was required for approval.

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Besides being Apple's CEO, Tim Cook is also possibly the best supply chain guy on the planet (that's why he became Apple's CEO). I was hoping he would get involved with pandemic supply chain issues, and now he has.

dreamcompiler | 2 months ago

Once you leave your apple politics behind, you could show some admiration for the site itself:

Clear instructions, kick-ass animations.

I'd love to be able to afford support sites like this one.

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Surgical/cotton masks protect other people from your sneezing and breathing out aerosolized virus.

N95 masks do the same, but also protect you from 95% of particles that meet the following: "The particle size distribution will be a count median diameter of 0.185±0.020 micrometer and a geometric standard deviation not exceeding 1.6. Each respirator filter unit will be challenged with an aerosol concentration of 100 ± 10 mg/m3"

They are also tested for air flow rates to meet standard for inflow and outflow.

They don't protect you against the virus, they protect you against the aerosols that may be carrying the virus.

Face shields are for protecting against liquids and solids, not particles.

They might be useful for people like checkout clerks, but a fixed screen would do the same.

rswail | 2 months ago

Of course it's got no headphone jack.

ProAm | 2 months ago

This design is open-top. That allows sneezed droplets to fall in pretty easily. Whether or not that's a problem will vary by hospital, but some of them simply tape up the gap.

Aside from that, it's pretty nice.

mrgrieves | 2 months ago

I can hear Jony Ive describing it as "fashioned from a single continuous pane of clear polymer" in my ears right now...

awinder | 2 months ago

Apple Releases Unaugmented Reality Headset

Analysts criticize lack of ports, launch titles, developer support.

fitzroy | 2 months ago

I just can't believe they missed the obvious 'iShield' (ie eye shield) name... or maybe that didn't get past the PR department.

mjmasn | 2 months ago

This is awesome and I'm glad companies are doing things like this. It made me interested if face shields are something I should add to my own PPE collection.

Very interesting summary of the effectiveness of face shields [1]

"Utilizing a cough aerosol simulator loaded with influenza virus (aerosol volume mean diameter of 8.5 μm) and a breathing simulator, Lindsley et al.[16] reported 96% and 92% reductions in the risk of inhalational exposure immediately after a cough for a face shield at distances of 18 in (46 cm) and 72 in (183 cm), respectively. Decreasing the aerosol size to 3.4 μm resulted in the face shield blocking 68% of the inhalational exposure at 18 in (46 cm) immediately after the cough and 23% over 1–30 min post-cough (during which time the larger aerosol particles had settled out and droplet nuclei had formed and remained airborne so that flow occurred more easily around the edges of the face shield)"

Seems like a face shield may be very good protection for a short term exposure - especially combined with a mask. e.g. walking by someone who coughs.

It also makes me wonder about a face shield fixed with something to blow filtered air in from the top of the shield. I assume that would make it less likely for air to come around the edges of the mask and possibly be more comfortable than a mask. You could have a shield blowing a constant cool breeze on you. Although this would have the disadvantage of needing batteries and replacing filters.

1 -

ALittleLight | 2 months ago

Is there an Apple contact for medical providers to make requests to?

rediguanayum | 2 months ago

Damn, the animations are smooth. But wish they made a better version of the adjustment mechanism. Feel like doctors will have a hard time adjusting the bands with their gloves on.

Why not spend couple more cents and build in a clicking adjustment mechanism??

But overall, good job Apple :)

mkchoi212 | 2 months ago

While this is not the first health related product from Apple I really hope they will do more in this direction going forward.

tosh | 2 months ago

I don't understand why Apple telling Chinese factories to build PPE is helpful. There's massive worldwide demand for this stuff, the factories don't need apple's help to figure that out.

bosswipe | 2 months ago

I would love, love, love to read the internal debate Apple's marketing team had around calling it "the Faceshield" as opposed to invoking first person "Faceshield" much like how they always refer to it as "iPhone" not "an iPhone."

ericzawo | 2 months ago

A carpenter friend came up with a similar design a couple of weeks ago. His slides over the visor of a baseball cap. He sourced thin plastic sheets, created a form, then made thousands, and sold them all to an org in B.C., Canada. Great minds think alike.

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l33tfr4gg3r | 2 months ago

Great that Apple is doing something to give back during these weird times. Hope they keep their word and make sure that these face masks go to the places that need them the most.

mkchoi212 | 2 months ago

Does anyone know of a central repo for these designs? Not just the face shields, but the masks, the intubation boxes, the ventilator tubes, etc?

Also, is there a way that hospitals can make an 'order/ask'? Like: we need 5 ventilator splitters.

There is this tremendous spirit and untapped generousity, but blind donating isn't the best, nor is getting a bunch of supplies that don't work.

Anyone trying to coordinate all this?

Balgair | 2 months ago

I was hoping they would stamp the Apple Care logo on these. Kudos to Apple for shipping these out so quickly at such scale.

aloknnikhil | 2 months ago

Wonder what Apple would make if this was WW3.

runawaybottle | 2 months ago

Are face shields actually the best we can/should do? Most of the photos of doctors in Wuhan I saw had them wearing goggles:

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As I read this post for the Apple Face Shield on, my girlfriend looked over my shoulder and said "Hmm. Well, it has a better keyboard than the MacBook Pro."

I thought this was too funny not to share.

jasoneckert | 2 months ago

For a second, I thought Apple was actually making these:

xyst | 2 months ago

Can someone explain to me why is Apple making this type of stuff?

H8crilA | 2 months ago

Apple will continue to sell these after the crisis. With a fat Apple logo on it and the asian people will buy them for sure.

It will be a fashion wearable. No doubt.

Well thought of from Apple

danielovichdk | 2 months ago

What specific assembly line is Apple dedicating to the PPE?

hkiely | 2 months ago

It's simple enough to work well, cheap to produce, can be transported easily - very cool.

Can we expect a ventilator machined from a block of aluminum next?

bArray | 2 months ago

I don't know if apple came up with the simple design, but it seems that you could make that with any plastic bottle and a lace.

agumonkey | 2 months ago

I wish someone would explain why we does it have a top and bottom gap - isn't that a severe vulnerability ?

lenkite | 2 months ago

Anyone one know if they open sourced the design spec? I'd like to make a few with some people i know. Thank you.

adamqureshi | 2 months ago

The simplicity of this is amazing, particularly the forehead band. Exact dimensions would be nice to copy this.

beeforpork | 2 months ago

Where do I buy this? Seems a nice gift for apple fans (I just hope it doesn't cost like a Mac Pro).

qwerty456127 | 2 months ago

I’m looking for anyone requiring 3d printed face shields in Australia. Please reply with your details!

person_of_color | 2 months ago

One of my fantasy is to imagine how Apple would design these things out of their regular zone.

m3kw9 | 2 months ago

Is there a file that can be downloaded so it can be laser cut from plastic sheets?

TooSmugToFail | 2 months ago

Is this significantly less effective than a normal surgical mask because of the large gaps?

briefcomment | 2 months ago

I’m sad that even though this unique design was done and put online for anyone to print by Prusa, he is hardly mentioned now. On top of that, the design is already commercialized.

EDIT: I see now that the design is different, you’re right

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What software would have been used to do the animations on this page?

schappim | 2 months ago

Cool, now can we can an Apple designed pill?

About the size of an Airpod stem. Thank you!

pazimzadeh | 2 months ago

Why did they not name it 'iShield'. Seems appropriate.

j0p | 2 months ago

Wow, this is the simplest design I've seen yet. Bravo!

btbuildem | 2 months ago

Good on them for helping fight the problem, but there's definitely a dystopian sci-fi trope of a familiar brand creating products that only exist because the world is in a disaster.

Sort of like this:

Apocryphon | 2 months ago

How much will these sell for on eBay in 10+ years?

arkanciscan | 2 months ago

Off-topic, but on the subject of Apple. FaceID is a nightmare to work with, while wearing a mask. The numeric input delay, after trying to open your phone for the 100th time, gets old.

rabuse | 2 months ago

How does Apple make these nice animated videos?

snitzr | 2 months ago

Anyone else getting Radiohead album art vibes?

ytwombly | 2 months ago

Chinese knockoffs already available on Amazon

gamesetmath | 2 months ago

The correct title should be "Face Shield" but in 6 months they'll retroactively change all references to be stylized "faceShield".

rgovostes | 2 months ago

Likely not going to be a popular comment but what about the environmental impact of stuff like this? Are they reusable ?

bamboozled | 2 months ago

Starting from $999, it’s our best face-shield yet and we think you are going to love it!

*Strap not included

But seriously - nice work Apple.

firecall | 2 months ago

Is this their new AR headset?

kristofferR | 2 months ago

It's the EyeMask.

peterchane | 2 months ago

I'm surprised the openings for the head band are analog and not thunderbolt

seemslegit | 2 months ago

But when will Apple have the courage to remove the shield from the faceahield?

fanfanatic | 2 months ago

It would be great if they could make face shields that are dishwasher safe.

joncrane | 2 months ago

And just like that, masks without continuous corners look so...downmarket.

handedness | 2 months ago

Strap not included and sold separately

All jokes aside. This is great from Apple!

lechiffre10 | 2 months ago

The best thing to happen to the face since glasses.

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peterchane | 2 months ago

We are all likely to be wearing PPE like this after the lockdowns are relaxed. Widespread testing + PPE use is the only chance we have to return to something normal before a vaccine is available.

all_blue_chucks | 2 months ago

Do you need an Apple Care subscription to get one?

rq1 | 2 months ago

Cheapo crap. Couldn't they add an augmented reality HUD projector so that "STAY FUCKING HOME" never leaves host's field of view? Also questionable is the fact of this concoction being removable. Protection should be permanent, not temporary! Who knows what hazards come next after corona?

7leafer | 2 months ago

Available for just $199 in 7 countries, rollout to 19 more countries on April, 25

Andrew_nenakhov | 2 months ago

Presumably this costs $500, the plastic shield is a $200 add-on with tints or upgrades (so that the product actually works) are another $200.

And when it breaks later that day you go into an Apple store and they give you some bull about the plastic warping and you have to buy another one.

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| 2 months ago

This is impressive, compared to what traditional health companies like Pharma are doing.

The latter seem mostly to update existing products like faster tests or trying to develop vaccines.

Whereas it’s the tech companies which are going a bit beyond their traditional business: Apple making face masks, Google and Apple making screening websites (other examples?)

All of which could be done by traditional health companies, but unfortunately innovation is not their strength. Need to be disrupted!

And no surprise from Apple, since Tim Cook has said before: “Apple’s biggest contribution to mankind will be in healthcare” and they are doing a lot more than these face masks.

antipaul | 2 months ago

By wearing this, do I sign away to apple the rights to my entire head or just the skin-covered parts ?

seemslegit | 2 months ago

I'd love to watch an Apple reality distortion field presentation of that

haunter | 2 months ago


  Apple FaceShield® - A magical yet disposable premium face shield from yours truly at One Apple Park.*

  *This device has not been tested or qualified to prevent or reduce infection, and does not provide particulate filtration. Not intended for use in surgical settings. These devices have not been disinfected or cleaned. Non-sterile.*

  Only $99 yearly subscription. /s

  Thank you. *Terms and Conditions Apply.

  Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
Everyone: Just like every face shield, but this one has a Apple Logo. Cool another collectable!

Me: Ok.

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