SyncPlay: Synchronize VLC with remote friends to watch together

teruakohatu | 141 points

A friend of mine and I get together to watch movies but with lockdown we have started using syncplay with great success. I use it with the mpv media player and he uses VLC.

teruakohatu | 2 months ago

If you have Plex running check out SyncLounge too:

arsome | 2 months ago

was just thinking of curling up on the couch and watching Big Buck Bunny with 18 remote friends

wilg | 2 months ago

I wonder if Netflix or HBO can do that? Seems so obvious...

DenisM | 2 months ago

Cool, never heard of it! I made something similar, but web based with youtube-dl for parsing. It's not ideal, but I also used it to watch movies together with friends during the pandemic. It has one shared playlist, but anyone can run their own instance :) It's pretty simple, any contributions are welcome :)

PS. it's funny that the authors of syncplay are polish as well, just like me :p

fraunos | 2 months ago
| 2 months ago

I'm curious, what's the advantage vs. the "ready, set, play/pause" method?

themodelplumber | 2 months ago

Neat! So it's like multicast without needing to go through the group subscription puzzle of multicast with all the routers between you and friend(s).

mal10c | 2 months ago

just tried this out between my two laptops. pretty neat. you can chat too and the message will show up over the video.

it would be great if this worked for spotify as well so you could listen to a new album release or whatever

mackrevinack | 2 months ago