Firefox 75: Ambitions for April

skellertor | 242 points

firefox also removes 'www' and 'https' in drop-down search results from the address bar[0]. it's a subtle change, but worth knowing. 'http' urls remain in long form apparently (haven't installed yet to check it out).

edit: min(), max(), and clamp() for css looks useful too.

edit 2: honoring 'nosniff' on mime types on page load is neat too [1]



clairity | 2 months ago

A big one for me (covered in the release notes):

"Experimental support for using client certificates from the OS certificate store can be enabled on macOS by setting the preference security.osclientcerts.autoload to true."

This allows Firefox to work with my company's BeyondCorp implementation. I was forced to use Chrome before.

ned_roberts | 2 months ago

"On Linux, the behavior when clicking on the Address Bar and the Search Bar now matches other desktop platforms" - yay, I have found it annoying that you need to double-click in order to select all and start searching

hising | 2 months ago

Built-in support for lazy image loading is pretty nice! No more annoying JS-based hacks to get it to work.

owenshen24 | 2 months ago

And there are some minimal improvements to "Install Website as App": now app is not grouped with Firefox icon on Windows, displays correct icon. Little steps towards full PWA support.

butz | 2 months ago

Just got the update on Ubuntu.

The address bar looks horrible when selected [0], it outgrows its container and invades the space of tabs. I thought it was a bug at first, but it's probably intentional. is there a way to go back to the normal address bar?


sandov | 2 months ago

Two things I am looking forward to:

* Lazy loading images without JavaScript

* Static fields in JavaScript classes - I wanted to use this the other day and was disappointed that FF didn't support static fields yet.

AndrewStephens | 2 months ago

Wait, Am I the only one to notice right away that FF FINALLY added a "Default Zoom" option to its settings? Or has this been there before recently and I've missed it? If this is new then THANKS 1000x.

For YEARS this was my main annoyance with FF of not having a general zoom added to all webpages and was the only browser that didn't. FF would remember your set zoom for sites (provided you didn't check "site preferences" in clearing history) but it just became so tedious to have to manually zoom pages you haven't visited before.I even tried to resort to some clumsy add-ons that tried to makeup for lack of system wide zoom

{FF as default browser user since Opera died and went to being chrome. Although I do test others out once in while like Brave/Vivaldi/EdgeChrome I'm still loyal}

Scottn1 | 2 months ago

There's no mention of any of the promised Wayland improvements (which I'd been looking forward to).

It's a bit unclear if it hasn't made it to the final release, or if it's just a matter of the Linux userbase being too small for them to announce Linux-specific changes.

WhyNotHugo | 2 months ago

So... anyone knows how to restore old address bar look, instead of this weird popup thingy?

amadeusz | 2 months ago

XPath search is a good one. I've used to scrape some data from the sites and missing search by XPath forced me to use chromium derivatives. Great to see this feature coming.

rozhok | 2 months ago
| 2 months ago

Hardware video accelleration on Linux with Wayland! I've tested it on Youtube, it works alright, definitely less CPU usage, however on I still get some graphical glitches.

weystrom | 2 months ago

How do I change search engine from search bar? Before update there were icons with my saved search engines, but now they are nowhere to be seen.

butz | 2 months ago

Will lazy-loading images avoid viewport jumping? Because that's a constant headache on mobile Safari.

gshdg | 2 months ago

They should fix looking up for things such as "clipboard.js" attempting to look up the domain and giving not found page. Chrome is smarter in this regard.

itwy | 2 months ago

It would be great if the inspector supported dark mode.

ravenstine | 2 months ago

ah live console eval as comment, such a bliss

agumonkey | 2 months ago

Hopefully this fixes Firefox 74. First time in years I can say that I've had stability problems, frequent crashes, etc.

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empo_simo | 2 months ago

> evnt breakpoints

Typo in the first paragraph.

hartator | 2 months ago
| 2 months ago

World runs on mobile, Mozilla focuses of desktop.

franczesko | 2 months ago

Nice to see Mozilla keeping up. Don't really have much reason personally to use Firefox nowadays though due to the new Microsoft Edge being so good.

benbristow | 2 months ago