Mobius – .NET runtime running on .NET Core

pjmlp | 156 points

You might find this project interesting OP[1]. The aim is to create a self-hosting CIL JIT/AOT for the purposes of an operating system. Ultimately you'd have an OS written in 100% C#.

It has got a good few years of history and a lone brave contributor who I'm sure would welcome some help with open arms.


zamalek | 2 months ago

I thought about doing something similar in university. But I used LLVM as the compiler backend:

Written in F# of course.

lostmsu | 2 months ago

The big question, for me at least, is can this be used to containerize a .NET application without having to package a full Windows OS into the container?

triangleman | 2 months ago

Definitely useful for research. "What if the .NET CLR could do X" can be answered more quickly with code like this. I wonder if this could support something like runtime macros. Maybe you can do that anyway using Roslyn.

quickthrower2 | 2 months ago

Just use Java and get over it.

sproketboy | 2 months ago

... so it's like running Wine on Windows NT 4.0?

jacobush | 2 months ago