Show HN: WorkDNA – Attract engineers by showing off your engineering culture

bwb | 67 points

Sorry OP, but my feeling is, without quantitative metrics, this is useless. As others have said, each company will choose only positive things, and it will be hard to tell companies apart.

What I really want, and no one has made, is for some comprehensive scraping of LinkedIn and Crunchbase to help answer the following questions for each company:

- Average turn over time for different job types

- Average experience of new engineers (new grad vs. 10 years)

- Distribution of management vs. engineers vs. PMs etc.

- Are management promoted from engineering or hired from outside?

- Have the founders had successful companies before? In the same area or different?

- What schools did employees go to? What is the education distribution of employees?

- what's the gender/race/etc. make up? (Does the company actually value diversity) etc.

Answer those, comprehensively, and I'd easily pay for access to that service.

Alternatively, if you are having companies post jobs, have them answer those questions (and tell them you'll check against LI/CB). i.e., get actual transparency where it matters, not just fake/propaganda transparency like you have here. That would actually help me make a decision to apply or not.

dannykwells | 2 months ago

Hi all, OP here.

We think that hiring is stuck in the dark ages.

Engineering candidates have zero visibility into what it is like to work on an engineering team. They either have to have a friend working there, trust what the recruiter says, or invest a lot of time in the interview process.

As a result, looking for a job is like putting an offer on a house, but without knowing how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has. We want to change this and make it easier for smaller engineering teams to attract great engineers.


Our software platform creates a careers site for engineering teams (the above link has an example profile). We show engineering candidates the team's culture, work schedule, technology, and methodologies. Plus a Q&A so candidates can ask questions before they even apply. The goal is to give engineers the info they need to get excited about the idea of a new job. And, give engineering teams a way to connect and attract more engineers who are a culture match.

What do you think?

Feedback always appreciated :)

bwb | 2 months ago

What differentiates this from ?

ummonk | 2 months ago

What is your pricing?

Also, can the resulting page be customized with company identity and/or hosted under own domain name? E.g.

Feeble | 2 months ago

So it's a job posting just formatted differently? I don't get it.

choward | 2 months ago

Reminds me of

soozzoos | 2 months ago

How does:

> We all start by 9am and finish up by 6pm.

Jive with:

> Flexible Schedule


> Strict 40 hour work week

paulcole | 2 months ago